Lemur IT

We offer a number of services to assist various IT providers in conducting their business. We draft and negotiate technical contracts, advise in legal disputes and consult on data protection, security and other privacy issues.

Put it simply, in a less formal way:

IT legal documents can be complex with possible lack of understanding for both parties. Our services are tailor-made. Simplify legal documentation in line with your expectations.


We provide the following documents and services:

Non -Disclosure Agreement

Agreement that will ensure that your business information and other competitive advantages will be kept secret.

Software License Agreement

Agreement that grants rights to certain software developer under the conditions outlined in the Agreement.

End - user license Agreement (EULA)

Agreement between the licensor and end user, establishing users right to use the software. This Agreement is presented to a user as a “click-through” Agreement, which the user needs to “accept”.

Software Development Agreement

Contractual legal document between company and developer governing mutual terms and conditions for any software development.

Mobile Application Development Agreement

Agreement for services to be used between hiring company and a developer of mobile phone application.

Non -Disclosure Agreement

Various Advertising Agreements between Ad Networks/Publishers and Advertisers in a form of Insertion Orders, Master Services Agreement and Advertising Exchange Agreements.

Application Distribution Agreement

Agreement between App Store/ App Platform and Application Developer that outlines the terms of distribution.

Platform License Agreement

An Agreement that outlines the terms of a platform license.

Hosting Agreement

Agreement that outlines the terms of hosting services, needed by everyone who does not have their own servers.

Services Agreement

General Agreement that outlines mutual rights and obligations between the client and a service provider. This Agreement is one of the most common agreements used in practice and is applicable in various situations.

Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

Legal transfer of intellectual property rights ensuring clean ownership of intellectual property as an asset.

Purchase Agreement for intellectual property rights

Legal Agreement for any kind of purchase or transfer of intellectual property rights.

Customized (tailor-made) IT Agreement

You name it, we put it in a legal form.

Privacy (personal data) Issues & data protection

Issues regarding privacy, whether in personal or business data, are raising. With increase of social networking sites privacy issues have never been so exposed. We provide consulting on data protection, security and privacy obligations.

Websites Legal Policies

Website Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, needed by every online services provider.