LEMUR Blockchain

We at Lemur Legal welcome the opportunities that innovative and disruptive technologies can offer and are aware of challenges that lie ahead. This is especially true for blockchain technology which is bringing revolutionary changes to whole industry, both public and private sector. In implementing blockchain to public sector we cooperate with Ministry for public administration. We actively search for solutions, both for public and private sector, within the specialized task-force group, established by American chamber of commerce in Slovenia. When searching for the best possible solutions for our clients we work individually or we connect with the best experts from the fields related to blockchain.


We provide our numerous clients from the blockchain sector with following services:


As external legal advisors, we cooperate in ICO / token crowdsale projects. We help you with your business development, corporation structure, legal aspects of token model, whitepaper, drafting terms & conditions and conducting legally compliant token crowdsale. We ensure complete team of experts for legal and business consultancy. We cooperate with best possible external experts for specific fields (fintech, crowdinvesting, tax), which enables us to offer tailor-made solutions for individual ICO project.


We draft and negotiate all kinds of agreements which companies need to operate on the market. Business cooperation agreements, Distribution agreements, Service provision agreements for crypto exchanges, etc.


We draft legal opinions directly or indirectly related to blockchain (distribution of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchange, crowdfunding related to cryptocurrencies, etc.). On our clients' request we prepare questions for regulators with regards the interpretation of specific legal provisions.


We connect our clients with the demand on the market, with the best possible experts which would further improve clients' service or product and with accelerators, incubators and with angel investors.


We organize individual and group lectures about what blockchain is and what kind of solutions it brings to public and private sector. We participate on conferences as panellists, we draft different written materials and we consult companies on implementing blockchain solutions.