• Initial coin offering, smart contracts, Ethereum - Economy 4.0, we are ready.

  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, sharing economy, legal requirements from various jurisdictions – there are no legal barriers we cannot overcome.

  • Startups, IT companies, digital platforms, incubators & accelerators – we are here to help you run your business smoothly.

  • Solving legal challenges. In real economy and in cryptocurrency universe.

  • Company creation, drafting legal documentation, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, sharing economy – you name it, we act & advise on it.

  • We welcome innovation and disruption with excitement and enthusiasm.

Legal disruption

We are leading legal experts for startups, angel investors, accelerators and IT companies. We cooperate with government, regulators and chambers of commerce. We understand what digitalisation is bringing, what the true value of blockchain is and how legally challenging sharing economy can be. With our legal consulting services, we link real and parallel »crypto« economy. As co-founders we participate in various projects in the area of blockchain, personal data protection and fintech.

Lemur Legal is a huge dog lover and we are happy to offer our services on pro bono basis for all animal shelters and animal rights organisations in relation to any kind of legal issue. We may not change the world just yet, but we can help to change the world for some of our furry friends.

Partners & Clients

  • ABC Accelerator
  • Poslovni Angeli Slovenije
  • Bitnik d.o.o.
  • Coinfinity GmbH
  • Netis d.o.o.